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Sean Bergin

Birth date: Jun 29, 1948
Birth country: South Africa (RSA)
Birth place: Durban
Death date: Sep 1, 2012
Instruments: Flute, Saxophone


Abstract Truth (1969-1971)

Biography Picture

    Sean Bergin was an avant-garde jazz  saxophonist  and  flautist  originally  from South Africa.

    He was a saxophonist, flautist, composer,educator and bandleader. In his youth Bergin was influenced by the rich South African jazz. During apartheid, he performed illegally with black musicians. He is one of the expatriates of South African jazz to find success elsewhere.

     From 1976 he lived in Amsterdam. In addition to his M.O.B. ("My Own Band") project, Bergin was active in Trio San Francisco (a saxophone-trio with Tobias Delius and Daniele D’Agaro), the Bug Band (with Paul Stocker), and in several Tristan Honsinger formations.

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