Punk Rock

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Jo Burt

Birth date: 1956
Birth country: United Kingdom
Instruments: Bass Guitar


Black Sabbath (1987)
Sector 27 (1979 - 1981)
Virginia Wolf

Biography Picture     Jo Burt is an English rock and heavy metal bassist, guitar player, songwriter and vocalist. He is possibly best known for being the bassist for Black Sabbath during their 1987 tour in support of the album "The Eternal Idol". He left the band after the tour ended.

    Jo Burt was also a founding member of Sector 27 with Tom Robinson - and a member of Virginia Wolf with Jason Bonham. Burt also appears on Freddie Mercury's solo album, "Mr. Bad Guy" playing fretless bass.

     He has written, toured, and performed with many other artists, including The Troggs, Brian SetzerBob GeldofRoger TaylorJames ReyneThe Sweet and many more.


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