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Bev Bevan

Birth date: Nov 24, 1944
Birth country: United Kingdom
Birth place: Sparkhill, Birmingham, England
Instruments: Drums, Percussion, Vocals


Black Sabbath (1983 – 1984; 1987)
Move (1965 - 1972)
Vikings (1965)


The Eternal Idol - Black Sabbath (Nov 1, 1987)

Biography Picture    Beverley "Bev" Bevan  is an English rock musician, who was the drummer and one of the original members of The Move and Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). After the end of ELO in 1986, he founded ELO Part II. Bevan also served as the touring drummer for Black Sabbath  from  1983-1984, and played percussion on "The Eternal Idol" album in 1987.

    His professional music career started with a stint with Denny Laine in his group Denny Laine and the Diplomats, then with Carl Wayne & the Vikings, followed by The Move in 1966. The Electric Light Orchestra released their first album in 1971, by which time The Move existed only as a recording outfit. They released their final single, "California Man" in 1972.

     Bevan has a deep singing voice. While with The Move he lent lead vocals to two tracks: a remake of "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart" and the country and western spoof, "Ben Crawley Steel Co". 

   Bevan played on all but one Electric Light Orchestra and ELO Part II albums (the exception being 2001's "Zoom" which marked Lynne's return to recording under the ELO name, with only Richard Tandy present from previous band line-ups). In 1980 Bevan published a historical memoir of the Electric Light Orchestra.

    In 1983 he replaced Bill Ward for the Black Sabbath "Born Again" tour. Bevan was known for his heavy powerhouse drumming during this tour. Bevan also appeared in two music videos ("Trashed" and "Zero the Hero").

     After the death of Carl Wayne in 2004, he formed a new band, Bev Bevan's Move, with Phil Tree and former ELO Part II colleagues Phil Bates and Neil Lockwood, to play a set comprising mostly The Move classics on tour. Bates left in July 2007 to re-join ELO Part II, by then renamed to The Orchestra.

      In the 2010 release from Paul Weller, "Wake Up The Nation", Bevan played drums on two songs: "Moonshine" and "Wake Up The Nation".



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