Heavy Metal

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Geezer Butler

Birth date: Jul 17, 1949
Birth country: United Kingdom
Birth place: Aston, Birmingham, England
Instruments: Bass Guitar, Mellotron, Performer [Nose]


Heaven & Hell (2006 - Jul 24, 2010)
Ozzy Osbourne (1984; 1988; 1995)
Black Sabbath (1969 – 1979; 1979 – 1985; 1990 – 1994; 1997 – present)
Earth (1968 - Aug, 1969)
Polka Tulk Blues Band (1968)

Biography Picture    Terence Michael Joseph "Geezer" Butler is an English musician and songwriter. Butler is best known as the bassist and primary lyricist of heavy metal band Black Sabbath. He has also recorded with Heaven & HellGZR, and Ozzy Osbourne.

   Butler received the nickname "Geezer" at approximately age eight, because "I used to call everybody Geezer" at school". Butler formed his first band, Rare Breed, in the autumn of 1967, with John "Ozzy" Osbourne soon joining as lead vocalist. Butler dated a girl who lived near Tony Iommi, and Iommi's earliest memories of Butler involved seeing him walking past his house in Birmingham quite often to visit her. Later, Iommi and Butler became acquainted when their bands played at a nearby nightclub. Separated for a time, Osbourne and Butler reunited in the blues foursome, Polka Tulk Blues Band, along with guitarist Iommi and drummer Bill Ward. They renamed their band Earth, but after finding a band in the small-time English circuit with the same name, soon adopted Black Sabbath in early 1969.

     Inspired by John Lennon, Butler played rhythm guitar in his pre-Sabbath days, including with Rare Breed. When Sabbath was formed, Iommi made it clear that he would not want to play with another guitarist, so Butler moved to bass. Butler lists Jack Bruce of Cream as his biggest influence as a bassist. Iommi described Butler as being "from another planet" in the band's early days; he took LSD, wore Indian hippie dresses, and was very peaceful. At the time Black Sabbath was formed, Butler was studying to become an accountant, and this training resulted in him managing the band's finances in the early Picture

    Butler briefly left Black Sabbath during the recording of their 1980 album "Heaven and Hell". He again left the band in 1984 after touring in support of their 1983 album, "Born Again". In 1988 he joined his former Sabbath bandmate Osbourne to take part in the "No Rest for the Wicked" World Tour. Butler re-joined Black Sabbath in 1991 for the reunion of the "Mob Rules" line-up, but again quit the group after the "Cross Purposes" tour in 1994.

   In 1995 Butler joined with Osbourne to play on the "Ozzmosis" album. After recording "Ozzmosis", he formed G/Z/R, issuing "Plastic Planet" in 1995. His next solo album, "Black Science", followed in 1997. Butler returned to Sabbath once more for the 1997 edition of Ozzfest, and has remained with the band since. In 2005 he released "Ohmwork", his third solo album. In October 2006 it was announced that Butler, along with Tony Iommi, would be reforming the Dehumanizer-era Black Sabbath line-up with Vinny Appice and Ronnie James Dio, under the name Heaven & Hell to differentiate between the reunited touring band fronted by Osbourne, and the current Sabbath line-up


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