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Danny Thomas

Birth country: United States
Birth place: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA,
Instruments: Drums


13th Floor Elevators (Jul, 1966 - 1968)

Biography Picture     Danny Thomas was the second drummer for the 13th Floor Elevators. Danny played drums and sang back up vocals on the final two studio albums, "Easter Everywhere" and "Bull of the Woods".

     Danny Thomas left the 13th Floor Elevators in 1968 and was hired as drummer for Delta blues guitarist Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins.

    After leaving Texas and returning to North Carolina he played from 1970-1997 with the following bands: Lou Curry Band, Dogmeat, and Bessie Mae's Dream with Rich Carlson, Marcus Cheek, and Jerry Shaver. During this time, he owned his own delivery company called Gophers Inc. Prior to that he worked in accounting at Carolinas Medical Center (formerly Charlotte Memorial Hospital).

     A vegetarian and humanitarian, he retired, but had many hobbies including buying and selling antiques and gardening.


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