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Benny Thurman

Birth date: Feb 20, 1943
Birth country: United States
Birth place: Austin, TX
Death date: Jun 22, 2008
Instruments: Bass Guitar, Violin


13th Floor Elevators (Nov, 1965 - Jul, 1966)


Old Music Encyclopedia Picture

     A classically trained violinist and Marine Corps veteran, Thurman, born February 20, 1943, played with the Elevators from late 1965 to mid-1966. Previously, he played with future Elevators John Ike Walton and Stacy Sutherland - whom he met at the famous Austin UT-area hamburger stand Dirty's - in the Lingsmen, an Austin dance band. 

     Thurman, a longtime State of Texas employee, went back to violin and played in the Austin band Plum Nelly before retiring from music in the 1970s.

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