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Tommy Hall

Birth date: Sep 21, 1943
Birth country: United States
Instruments: Electric jug, Guitar


13th Floor Elevators (1965 - 1969)


Old Music Encyclopedia Picture

     Tommy Hall is an electric jug player from Texas. He was a founding member of the 13th Floor Elevators.

   A special aspect of The Elevators sound came from Tommy Hall’s innovative electric jug. The jug, a crock-jug with a microphone held up to it while it was being blown, sounded somewhat like a cross between a minimoog and cuica drum.

   In contrast to traditional musical jug technique, Hall did not blow into the jug to produce a tuba-like sound. Instead, he vocalized musical runs into the mouth of the jug, using the jug to create echo and distortion of his voice. When playing live, he held the microphone up to the mouth of the jug, but when recording the "Easter Everywhere" album, the recording engineer placed a microphone inside the jug to enhance the sound.


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