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From Psychedelia to Sonnets

Band: Ashley Hutchings
Label: Talking Elephant
Released: Apr 22, 2016, United Kingdom
Catalog #: TECD320
Format: 2xCD


Ashley Hutchings - Vocals


101. "Welcome to the World" [39:30]
  a. "Fairport Convention"
  b. "About Dawn"
  c. "One-eyes Owl"
  d. "Til the Time We Meet Again"
  e. "The Pedalling Suffragettes"
  f. "Rockery Rock"
  g. "This Blessed Plot"
102. A Batter Pudding for John Keats [11:31]
  a. "It Is Not for the Want of Will"
  b. "One Day We Went for a Barn Dance"
  c. "Trip to Bath / Welsh Girls"
201. "Interval: Two Thousand Years Is a Very Long Time" [5:47]
  q. "On Seeing Grace Slick Unexpectedly in a 1978 Television Rock Spectacular"
  b. "The Complete Angler"
  c. "What Lips My Lips Have Kissed"
202. "You Are What You Eat" [29:28]
  a. "Ten Miles Going There and Ten Miles Coming Back"
  b. "The Song of Two Bridges"
  d. "Elegy—His Parting from Her"
  e. "Ring on Her Finger"
  f. "Westonbirt Sonnet"
  g. "To Ireland I Made My Way"
  h. "By Gloucester Docks I Sat Down and Welt Live—sleevenote"
203. "Leeds Lullaby"
  c. "When She Sings in the Kitchen"

Additional personnel

Ruth Angell - Vocals, Violon, Pump Harmonium, Acoustic Guitar
Becky Mills - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar Picture

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