Southern Rock

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Band: Dingoes
Label: Liberation Music ‎
Released: 2010, Australia
Catalog #: LMCD0107
Format: CD


Ashley Davies - Drums
Broderick Smith - Vocals
Chris Stockley - Guitar
John Du Bois - Bass Guitar
Kerryn Tolhurst - Guitar


1. "Right To Your Door"
2. "Not Worth Fighting For"
3. "Rolling Around The Sun"
4. "Try Anyway"
5. "No Rain No River"
6. "Ribs Of The Land"
7. "Blue Sanctuary"
8. "Snow-Blind Moon"
9. "Damascus Road"
10. "Driving Home"

Additional personnel

Kevin Bennett - Backing Vocals
The Pigram Brothers - Backing Vocals
Chris Copping - Hammond Organ
Francisco Gonzales - Requinto Guitar, Percussion Picture

Producer – Kerryn Tolhurst
Recorded at Locomo Studios, Tucson
Recorded at Mixmasters Studio, Adelaide, Australia.

Peak chart positions
Australian Albums Chart - # 64

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