Psychedelic Rock

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Hotter Than Hell

Band: Rattles
Label: D-One
Released: 2015, Germany
Catalog #: N 79 011
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Gatefold


Dicky Tarrach - Drums
Eggert Johannsen - Rhythm guitar, Vocals
Herbert Hildebrandt - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Manne Kraski - Guitar, Vocals


A1. "Shake Your Booty"
A2. "Delilah"
A3. "Mellow Yellow"
A4. "The Witch-Rap"
B1. "Hippy Hippy Shake"
B2. "Wild One"
B3. "My Bonnie (Bring Back)"
C1. "Not Fade Away"
C2. "Peggy Sue"
C3. "Hey Jude"
C4. "Show You How to Shake"
D1. "Maybe Tonight"
D2. "Hotter Than Hell"
D3. "Gimme a Break" Picture

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