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Gentry Time

Band: Gentrys
Label: MGM Records
Released: 1966, United States
Catalog #: SE-4346
Format: Vinyl, LP


A1. "I'm Gonna Look Straight Through You" [ Rogers ] [2:15]
A2. "Let's Dance" [ Sherman ] [2:02]
A3. "Don't Let It Be Me (This Time)" [ Moman; Butler; Carter ] [2:15]
A4. "Everyday I Have To Cry" [ Alexander ] [2:05]
A5. "I Feel Love Coming On" [ Hurley; Wilkins ] [2:30]
A6. "A Little Bit Of Love (Can Work A Miracle)" [ Hurley; Wilkins ] [1:51]
B1. "Gimmie Love Now" [1:50]
B2. "Sunshine Girl" [ D. Penn; S. Oldham ] [2:05]
B3. "Ramblin' Man" [2:38]
B4. "Giving Love (Never Hurt Anybody)" [2:03]
B5. "In" [2:22]
B6. "I Didn't Think You Had It In You" [2:20] Picture

Producer – Chips Moman
Engineer – Val Valentin

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