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Code Of The Road

Band: Meal Ticket
Label: EMI Records
Released: 1977, United Kingdom
Recorded: January, 1977
Catalog #: INS 3008
Format: Vinyl, LP


Chris Hunt - Drums, Percussion
Jack Brand - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Ray Flacke - Guitar, Vocals
Rick Jones - Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Simpson - Fiddle, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Mandolin, Vocals
Willy Finlayson - Guitar, Keyboards, Lead vocals


A1. "Out Of The Blue" [ R Jones; D Pierce; S Hammond ] [4:42]
A2. "Keepin' The Faith" [ R Jones; D Pierce; S Hammond ] [6:26]
A3. "OK Bar" [ R Jones; D Pierce; S Hammond ] [3:47]
A4. "Last One To Know" [ R Jones; D Pierce; S Hammond ] [4:31]
A5. "Day Job" [ R Jones; D Pierce; S Hammond ] [4:23]
B1. "The Man From Mexico" [ R Jones; M. Ross ] [6:47]
B2. [ R Jones; D Pierce ]"Snow" [3:17]
B3. "Golden Girl" [ R Jones; D Pierce; S Hammond ] [4:21]
B4. "Standing On The Wrong Corner" [ R Jones; D Pierce ] [3:24]
B5. "Georgia Syncopator" [ R Jones; D Pierce ] [2:57]
B6. "The Code Of The Road" [ R Jones; D Pierce ] [1:08]

Additional personnel

Alby Greenhalgh - Saxophone - tracks: A5 Picture

Producer – Alan O'Duffy, Willy Finlayson
Engineer - Alan O’Duffy
Recorded at The Point, London

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