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Psychedelic Underground

Band: Amon Düül
Label: Metronome Records
Released: 1969, Germany
Catalog #: MLP 15 332
Format: Vinyl, LP


Angelika Filanda - Drums, Vocals
Ella Bauer - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Helge Filanda - Congas, Percussion, Vocals
Rayner Bauer - 12 string guitar, Guitar, Vocals
Ulrich Leopold - Bass Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Uschi Obermeier - Maracas, Percussion
Wolfgang Krischke - Drums, Piano


A1. "In The Garden Of Sandosa" [ Amon Düül ] [7:48]
A2. "The Garden Of Sandosa / In The Morning Dew" [ Amon Düül ] [8:06]
A3. "Bitterlings Transformation" [ Amon Düül ] [2:31]
B1. "An Extremely Lovely Girl / Dreams Of Sandosa" [ Amon Düül ] [17:03]
B2. "Kaskado's Love Song" [ Amon Düül ] [2:53]
B3. "Mama Duul And Her Sauerkraut Band Begin To Play" [ Amon Düül ] [2:50]

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